cattle Vetramil® Effective Products

Vetramil was introduced on the market in the Netherlands in 2005, following successful introduction of honey products for human wound care. Subsequently, Vetramil was introduced in many markets in Europe, and has become the product of choice in many countries.

cattle Vetramil® Honey-based products for skin and ears - support recover process

We have developed products especially for animals. Our strategy is make products that combat all skin problems of animals effectively – products must work, must be easy to apply on hairy surfaces, should minimize licking by the animals, should keep away insects, and – of course – be safe.

cattle Vetramil® Science and nature are the basis for Vetramil

Vetramil is developed while working together with several universities. Our honey knowledge (efficacy and collection) is developed at Wageningen University (the Netherlands-NL), one of the most prestigious agricultural universities in the world. Our products are tested at academic veterinary institutions, such as University of Utrecht (NL) and University of Gent (Belgium).

cattle Vetramil® Vetramil information available

We provide information on several media, for your convenience. You can download information, we have testimonials, and you can contact us for questions about the Vetramil® products and about their usage.

cattle Vetramil® We support those that care about animals

Our products are developed out of our love for animals. Those that devote their free time and lives to caring for animals in trouble can count on our support. We provide products to asylums and other places that take care of animals that are looking for a home.

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